My Prints are Neat.

While book binding allows me to really focus on my stress relief and really become ingrained in a project, printing allows me a few more things. Printing allows me to make mistakes, and work to correct them, printing teaches me to be innovative, creative, bold, and when things are always going right: methodical.

I get to test and test and test some more to find what works, what pleases me! I can make fun prints. and smart prints, and prints that are just as focused if not more focused then some bindings. Printing allows me freedom to be me. Printing allowed me to find the artist in myself. Met with deadlines and multiple crtieria to follow, printing forced me to find solutions to problems and forced me to keep creating.

This is one of the most important things about printing– you have to keep going. At the end of my time at Wells College, I found my collection of works oddly similar in color choices. in design etc. Take a look at my work “Moveable Type” above! Bold, and bright design dictates most of my works. You can check them out on Abapail Press. By creating more and more I found my artistic niche in printing.

Since leaving Wells I have not been as active in printing as I would have hoped– finding a press is hard when you move across the country! (I moved from MA to UT this past March) Luckily I found myself in Salt Lake City, where a book arts center is nearby! The University of Utah has a book arts center and rents its studio space to students and community artists for the summer time! I can’t wait to get in there again next summer and print away!

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