Yes, I make books.

Book making is a wonderful stress relief for me, for someone who was never the best painter, or sculptor I have found solace in handcrafting books. While in college, I approached my final 4 semesters without taking an art credit. I played sports, I studied hard and worked on extra-curricular activities. But art? Man was I up a creek without a paddle, I did not know what to take to meet my minimum requirement. I was lucky to attend a school that had an interesting selection of art courses, drawing was out for me, painting also out, ceramics was six hours in class time per week! Wells College had one of the only, and best Book Arts programs for Undergraduates in the country. It just so happens that Book Binding 1 was only 3 hours of studio time. By process of elimination, I choose bookbinding 1. I figured I didn’t know if I could be good or bad at it, and it met my minimum requirement without taking as long as ceramics!

While I went in with the hopes of being an easy class or, easy enough to get a decent grade– as the course went on I found myself living in the studio. Classes weren’t easy, but I was motivated to learn all I could to make sure I met my requirement. In reality I met some of the best people I have ever known while learning the most real thing I would ever do in my entire life: book-making. I had some of the most amazing professors, a very supportive community, and access to some of the best materials for book arts and printing (I’ll talk about this later). I was late in my career in college, but decided to take in all I could to make Book Arts one of my minors, taking 2-3 book arts courses a semester for the next year and a half. I couldn’t be happier with my experiences.

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